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Those *#$&@ ! Blasted Zebra Mussels!  

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Originally from the Balkans, Poland and the former Soviet Union, zebra mussels are firmly established in Europe and have invaded much of the U.S. On April 3, 2009, the first adult zebra mussel in Texas waters was confirmed in Lake Texoma. Zebra mussels have spread from the Red River basin to the Trinity and, most recently, the Brazos river basin. Zebra mussels are currently in Lake Texoma, Lake Ray Roberts, Lewisville Lake, Lake Bridgeport, Lake Lavon, Lake Waco, Dean Gilbert (a 45-acre Community Fishing Lake in Sherman), and Lake Belton. They have also been found on isolated occasions in the Red River below Lake Texoma, the Elm Fork of the Trinity River below Lake Ray Roberts, and Sister Grove Creek, and a boat with zebra mussels attached was found in Lake Ray Hubbard. Zebra mussel DNA has been found in several other lakes where larvae and adults have not been found to verify their presence. ONCE ZEBRA MUSSELS ARE ESTABLISHED IN A BODY OF WATER, THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO ERADICATE WITH CURRENT TECHNOLOGY. Please check to make sure you're not transporting these critters from one lake to another. Here's how to do it:


This is a real threat to the beautiful Texas environment that we all hold dear.

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 6th January 2020 9:34 pm