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Spiny Tree Lizards - how to get MORE of them  

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My house is surrounded by trees, a mix of cedar elm and oak.

And we have had a slowly increasing population of tree lizards (Sceloporus olivaceus, I think) that live in our trees.

And now, more recently, in a car in our driveway we don't drive that often.

We love them, and all their skittering habits.  And understand that they are really helpful in keeping insect populations down. They are super fast, and really cool to watch sun themselves on the side of the tree, when you can observe them without them noticing and freaking out.

Anybody out there have much experience with them, know what to do, to make sure they stick around, encourage their numbers, to get them to expand their habitat further, etc.?




Posted : 24th August 2020 3:06 pm