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Who is the best Texas high school football player you ever saw?

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Who is the best high school football player you ever saw play personally, in real life?  My dad and I were talking about this the other night. He still says that Kenneth Hall aka The Sugarland Express was the best he ever saw.  I never saw Kenneth Hall, of course.  I've seen a lot of high school football but the best player I ever saw personally was David Overstreet from Big Sandy.  I know you're going to say that Big Sandy was a small school playing other small schools so the competition wasn't that good, but Overstreet was so incredibly dominant. He'd have 8 carries for 297 yards and six touchdowns by halftime, Big Sandy would be ahead 42-0, and he wouldn't play in the second half.   He would own every Texas high school rushing record if he'd played in the second half of his games. Even though he went to tiny Big Sandy I said "that's what an NFL player looks like in high school" and  I was right.  It's too bad he died so young and so horrifically. 

P.S. Traces the forum looks GREAT. I like the color scheme you chose and it's easy to read.  Thanks for the early invite. You better believe I will help you test this bad boy before you make it "live". 

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Absalom, you ask a great question.  I think that as far as I can remember, the very best high school player I ever saw was Curtis Dickey.  He tore the Temple Wildcats a new one as I watched at Wildcat Stadium in the mid 1970s.  World class speed.  I know it breaks your Longhorn heart to hear that, being as how Curtis went on to A&M, but the Wildcats could hardly touch him, let alone tackle him.  And if when he got the corner on your defense it was all over.  Curtis went on to have some very good years in the NFL before injuries caught up with him.  I was going to go see Eric Dickerson one time when he was at Sealy but my truck broke down and back then if I didn't have the ability/cash to fix it myself I wasn't going anywhere.  I reserve the right to edit this question, though, as I think more about it. 

Glad to see you make it to the new board.  Yours is the first post by somebody other than me. I haven't announced its existence to the world yet as I need to iron out all the kinks before doing that.  A couple of other people have registered but have yet to post.  Thanks for the kindly words.  

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