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How Coastal Native Americans Lived, per Cabeza de Vaca

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According to Cabeza de Vaca, the coastal Indians in Texas lived nomadic lives that were cyclical and based on where food could be found at any given time during the year. From January to April, these natives lived almost entirely on oysters that they harvested from the Laguna Madre, the series of hypersaline bays that lie between the Texas mainland and barrier islands (like Padre Island) that line the Texas coast. After the dewberries ripened in May, they would move inland to feast on them. In summer they migrated to an area south of San Antonio to collect prickly pears. And when fall arrived they would head to what they called "the river of nuts," probably the Guadalupe River, where they ate the pecans that fell from the trees that covered the forested river bottoms. In late fall and early winter they would harvest cattails and native roots like arrowroot as well as fish from their canoes. And then back again to the oyster beds when the weather turned cold.

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Posted : 6th January 2020 5:55 pm