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Why Cowboys Didn't Like Paint Horses

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Ramon F. Adams wrote:


"Most cowmen wanted hosses of solid colors, browns, bays, sorrels and duns, but no paints. The latter found little more favor in the average remuda than did a mare. Paints were the favorite hosses of the western story writers, but they didn't meet with any favor in the cattle country. It was a rare thing to find one that developed into a cuttin' hoss, or a hoss fitted for any quick, close work. They were mostly for show, and got to be pop'lar with town folks. A cowboy didn't mind havin' one in his string to use for a Sunday, or 'gallin'' hoss, but when it came to workin' a herd, he'd rather have a solid color hoss with some breedin'. Like the old sayin': 'All a paint's fit for is to ride 'im down the road.'


----- Ramon F. Adams, The Old-Time Cowhand, 1948

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Posted : 16th February 2020 4:50 pm