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The Rose Window at Mission San Jose

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Mimi Swartz wrote:


"The Rose Window at the San Jose mission in San Antonio is known as much for its mystery as for its beauty. First of all, the window isn't where it's supposed to be. You'd expect something known as the finest example of Spanish colonial ornamentation in the United States to be situated above the entrance to the mission's main church, keeping company with the glorious carvings of pious saints. An oval portal has that position of honor; the Rose Window, an elegant anamoly on an otherwise barren wall of worn and crumpling stone, adorns the sacristy around the corner. No one knows why the window is so ornate ----- sacristy windows are usually simple ----- and no one knows what it was used for; steps inside the sacristy leading up to the window suggest that someone might have preached a special service from its height. No one knows who made the window or how it got its name, either. The Rose Window, it can be said with certainty, keeps its own counsel."


----- Mimi Swartz, Texas Monthly magazine, February, 1987

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Posted : 3rd February 2020 6:41 pm