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The Impact of Yellow Fever on Texas; Sad Quote  

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When you think about the "good old days" in Texas, you might want to consider what the Houston Daily Telegram wrote in 1878:


"When a suspected [infected] person is found on the train going to Galveston, he is summarily seized at the muzzle of a six-shooter and tumbled off the train on the open prairie. If he is sick there is no shelter, no hospital, no bed, no preparation for medical treatment, no anything to keep him from dying like a dog. If he is well, there is no house, no food, no place where the necessities of life are to be had, and if he approaches a human residence he is driven off by an excited and fear stricken people armed with shot guns. Every house has its separate quarantine, any hamlet or village takes the responsibility of turning back trains, stopping the mails and disorganizing the commerce of an entire state. Human pity is extinguished, human mercy abolished, and insane panic armed with a shot gun rules supreme."


----- the Houston Daily Telegram in an article regarding the effects of yellow fever on Texas, 1878

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 1st February 2020 7:58 pm