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The First Time I Saw a Train; 1868

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R.C. Allen remembers:


"I was between Hearne and Bryan when I saw my first railroad train. We were all watching the laying of tracks. I was riding my pony the day I saw the train. I heard the terrible puffing and blowing noise and it frightened me and my horse. He squatted as if to make a wild jump and run away. I put the quirt on him and got him away from the scene as fast as I could. The train burned wood in the engine and traveled about twenty miles per hour. One engine did not pull over 20 cars. I can remember when the passenger trains did not run on Sunday as people in those days did not believe in desecrating the Sabbath by riding on a train."


------- R. C. Allen of Hearne remembers when the Houston and Texas Central Railroad came to Hearne in 1868

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