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The Dust Bowl: Last Man Club's Oath  

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Illustration of how tough things got during the "Dust Bowl"  of the 1930s:


"In the absence of an act of God, serious family injury, or some other emergency, I pledge to stay here as the last man and to do everything I can to help other last men remain in this country. We promise to stay here ’til hell freezes over and skate out on the ice."


----- The oath of the "Last Man Club," organized by John McCarty of the Dalhart Texan during the Dust Bowl. The Last Man Club was a mutual support group for farmers who chose to stay in the American Great Plains in spite of the devastation caused by the Dust Bowl natural disaster of the 1930s. McCarty, an editor of the Dalhart Texan, formed the Last Man Club in Dalhart, Texas to support farmers fighting to remain in the drought-swept Great Plains or, as he called it, "Grab a Root and Growl." Members of the club pledged to help each other remain on the land for as long as possible and that each would be the last man standing

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 27th December 2019 12:14 pm