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Reward Offered During the Taylor-Sutton Feud

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Reward notice after the Taylor-Sutton  feud erupted:


"On the 11 of March last, Wm. Sutton, my husband, and Gabriel Slaughter, whilst engaged in getting their tickets for Galveston, on board the steamer "Clinton" at Indianola, were murdered by James and Bill Taylor in my presence without any warning or notice, James Taylor shooting my husband in the back with two six-shooters. The murderer of my husband is still at large and I offer to anyone who will arrest him and deliver him inside the jail of Calhoun County, Texas, one thousand dollars.

Description of James Taylor, age 23 years; weight 165-170 .lbs, very heavy set; height 5 feet and 10 inches; complexion dark; dark hair; round features; usually shaves clean about once a week; wears no whiskers, beard rather heavy, talks very little, has a low, dull tone, and very quiet in his manners. MRS. LAURA SUTTON."


----- Reward notice after one of the bloody episodes in the Taylor-Sutton feud, 1874

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Posted : 1st February 2020 6:03 pm