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Regarding the Terrible Fire that Killed Blackjack Pershing's Family

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Here's an article that appeared in a San Antonio newspaper concerning the fire that took most of General "Black Jack" Pershing's family when he was residing in El Paso and leading U.S. troops against Pancho Villa:


"Warren Pershing, the 5-year-old son of Brigadier General John J.Pershing, was rescued early today from his burning home at the Presidio of San Francisco (California) in which his mother and three sisters,Mary Margaret, Anne and Helen were suffocated and burned. His father, General Pershing, commanding troops on the Mexican border, left El Paso today, and U.S. Senator Francis E. Warren, father of Mrs. Pershing, will come from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

"Little Warren Pershing, the only one left tonight of General Pershing's family, is being mothered by nurses at the Letermann General Hospital at the Presidio. He was taken there today when he was picked up unconscious on the floor of his bedroom by officers and men who crawled through the burning house searching for Mrs. Pershing and her children."Warren revived quickly. The others were dead when the rescuers reached them, suffocated, and their hands and feet burned. Warren was found by Will Johnson, the Pershings' aged Negro servant, who led a rescue party into the house."In a corner of the room most burned the rescuers found Mrs.Pershing dead on the floor with her arms across one of the children who was on the bed. In another bed was another child; the third lay on the floor. The bodies of all were considerably burned.

"Mrs. Pershing was Frances E. Warren, daughter of Senator Warren, chairman of the powerful committee on Military Affairs during the Republican control of that body. In 1905, Miss Warren married John J.Pershing, who was then a captain of the 15th Cavalry. The next year, by congressional action, Captain Pershing was raised to the rank of Brigadier General. '


----- article in the San Antonio Express, August 28, 1915

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