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On Women Who Wear Birds as Hat Decorations  

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Early Texas iconoclast William Cowper Brann employing his typical articulate savagery to denounce women wearing birds as hat decorations:


"The woman who will sacrifice a songster [bird] on the altar of her vanity is wholly devoid of sentiment. There's no more music in her soul than in a ham sandwich, less poetry in her life than can be found in a horned frog. A bird on the bonnet means that the woman beneath it would embalm her baby and wear it as a brooch if Dame Fashion decreed it. A wise husband would hesitate to insure his life in favor of such a woman, for she'd pour hot lead in his ear or dope his dinner to secure the price of a new dress."


------ William Cooper Brann, The Iconoclast, 1897

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 19th January 2020 7:33 pm