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Old West Gunman Bill Longley Whines and Threatens  

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In his own unique spelling and grammar, Bill Longley wrote:


"I was at my home and my own Dear Father told me never to put my foot in his house again and Brother Jim quit me and siad I was too bad for him and my kinsfolk is all so G_ _ D _ _ _ cowwardly they don't want me to come about them so I stil tread the living land destitute of Friends, but G _ _ D _ _ _ the world and every son of a bitch that don't like me for I am a wolf and it is my night to howl. I expect to get killed some time but you may bet your sweet life that I will keep the flys off the son of a bitch that does it while he is at it."


----- Bill Longley, murderer of perhaps thirty-two men, in a letter to Lee County Sheriff Jim Brown, 1877, written from "DevilsPass, Hells half acre," and dated "Septober the 41st, 7777."

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 25th January 2020 8:46 pm