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Lumber Harvesting in Early Texas  

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Dr. Pete Gunter wrote:


"Never have men so quickly and ruthlessly slashed a forest as they did the Southern pine forests. Labor was cheap, the country flat to rolling, the weather rarely severe. The Southern lumber baron pushed his "cut and get out" policy to an extreme not seen before or since. Oddly enough, very little lore resulted from this massive transformation. The lumberjack of the north and northwest has no counterpart in Texas mythology. Compared with the backwoods bear hunter, the cowboy, or the oilfield roughneck, the East Texas timber worker appears as drab a character as the Southern mill worker he resembles, tied to the region in which he, his wife, and children were born, constantly in debt to the company store."


----- Dr. Pete Gunter, "The Big Thicket: A Challenge for Conservation," 1971

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 30th January 2020 3:22 pm