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Accomodations in Pyote, Texas, During the Boomtown Days  

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Tom Wilburn wrote:


"The way they fixed those things, they would put a wood floor and wood around, up to about three and a half or four feet all around. Then they put a tent or tarpaulin and fastened it down just below the top of this wood. Then they'd screen it in. They had to on account of the flies. They had screens up to the top.

And that was the sweetest sleeping you ever had. At night you'd just roll that tarpaulin up, and that breeze would just come through there, and it was the finest sleeping you ever see. Just a little bit shaky when it was stormy."


------ Tom Wilburn on the pleasures of living in a "rag house" in Pyote during the oil boom of 1926

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 3rd February 2020 4:10 pm