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Larry L. King on the Death of Oliver Loving  

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Larry L. King wrote:


"As the nation moved west seeking new frontiers, Texas, a rude young empire won in blood, was inhabited by restless and adventurous men chasing their own special dreams. One of these was Oliver Loving, a legendary cattleman who, passing through the barren reefs adjoining New Mexico in 1867, was shot, scalped, and left for dead. He crawled 18 miles, chewing an old leather glove for sustenance, and emptied his pockets of valuables to a roving band of Mexican traders against assurance that he would be packed in charcoal and returned east to Weatherford ---- almost 500 miles ---- for burial. It was perhaps typical of the breed, the period, and the place that Oliver Loving stubbornly refused to die until he had arranged his own terms. "


----- Larry L. King

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 28th December 2019 2:06 pm