How Texas Ranger John Salmon Ford almost Starved in 1849  

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John Salmon Ford wrote:


"We gathered the heads growing in the middle of the mescal plant. This had the color and shape almost of a white cabbage head. A hole was dug, a fire built in it, and, after the whole cavity had been heated, the coals and the ashes removed. The bottom was lined with cactus leaves, from which the thorns had been burned. The mescal was deposited and covered by cactus leaves; a layer of dirt was placed over them, and a fire built on top of it all. It should have been kept burning all night. We judged it had been allowed to wane; the mescal was not properly cooked the next morning. We ate it nearly half raw.

Now. although the writer was in the possession of a first class appetite, he could not eat horse meat. It tasted like a sweaty saddle blanket smells at the end of a day's ride. The liver had an offensive smell; by holding his nose he forced down some of the strong-scented viand. So he made a hearty breakfast on the undercooked mescal and, as a result, suffered from colic."


---- Ranger John Salmon Ford describes trying to stay fed on the trail from Austin to El Paso back in 1849. Heck, it's hard enough these days in a car at 80 mph!

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Posted : 20th January 2020 6:17 pm

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