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Fort Worth Businesses Encourage Gambling and Prostitution

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Open letter from Fort Worth businesses:


"The cattle season beginning, we think more freedom ought to be allowed, as everyone is aware of the great amount of money spent in this city by the cattle men and cowboys, thus making every business and trade prosper.

We notice especially this year that, contrary to their usual custom, almost all of them remain in their camps a few miles from the city, and give us as the cause, the too stringent enforcement of the laws closing all the places of amusement that attract them, and thus their principal pleasures being closed and forbidden, they remain away from the city, paralyzing a large number of business houses and diverting from this city an immense amount of money which this city has always been the recipient of and benefited by.

We hope the honorable mayor and city council, who have always been foremost in the ranks when the city's prosperity has been concerned, will see this in the same light and urge an enlightened view of the situation."


----- Open letter from "Many Citizens and Businessmen" deploring a recent crackdown on gambling and prostitution, published in the Fort Worth Democrat newspaper, 1879

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Posted : 27th January 2020 9:10 pm