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Discovering Longhorn Cattle on the San Gabriel River in 1846  

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The discovery of Longhorn cattle near what is now Georgetown, Texas:


"The settlers who have recently opened farms near the source of the San Gabriel and Brushy creek find the country well stocked with a singular breed of wild cattle. They differ in form, color and habits from all the varieties of domestic cattle in Texas. They are invariably of a dark brown color, with a slight tinge of dusky yellow on the tip of the nose and on the belly. Their horns are remarkably large and stand out straight from the head. Although these cattle are generally much larger than the domestic cattle, they are more fleet and nimble and when pursued often outstrip horses that easily outrun the buffalo. Unlike the buffalo, they seldom venture far out into the prairies, but are generally found in or near the forests that skirt the streams in that section. Their meat is of an excellent flavor and is preferred by the settlers to the meat of the domestic cattle. It is said that their fat is so hard and compact that it will not melt in the hottest days of summer, and candles formed with it are far superior to those that are formed with the tallow of other cattle."


------ Littell's Living Age, January/March 1846

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 26th December 2019 7:11 pm