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An unconsidered Hazard of Frontier Life  

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Here is a hazard of frontier life that you might not have considered:


"W.W. Schermerhorn, an attorney of San Angelo, once a citizen of this town, while under the influence of liquor last week in the saloon of Memph Eliot, had his feet badly burned by some unprincipled party pouring alcohol in his boots and setting fire to them. The proprietor of the saloon, Memph Eliot, is charged with the crime, and people of San Angelo are very indignant at the outrage. It is thought that amputation will be necessary in order to save his life. Judge Schermerhorn has entered suit against Elliot for $4,000.00, which he will have no trouble in recovering, as he has good witnesses who saw the affair."


------- The Colorado City Clipper newspaper, April 11, 1885


Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 29th December 2019 7:09 pm