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An Early Description of Texans from a Man Who was not Impressed  

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Nicholas Maillard described Texans in 1842:


"Texans are a people whose existence as an independent nation is owing, first, to their own base treason, and secondly, to a political juggle of Andrew Jackson. [Texas is] filled with habitual liars, drunkards, blasphemers, and slanderers; sanguinary gamesters and cold-blooded assassins; with idleness and sluggish indolence (two vices for which the Texans are already proverbial); with pride, engendered by ignorance and supported by fraud."


------- Nicholas Maillard, "The History of the Republic of Texas," 1842.

Sidenote: I read this quote to some of my Texas friends and one of them said, "So? What's it to Mr. Maillard?" and the other said, "Mr. Maillard says that like it's a bad thing!"

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 20th January 2020 2:40 pm