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Advice on What to Do if Life's Got you Down or If You are Upset  

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Words to live by:


"Someone has said that no one could look into the firmament and be an infidel. People who just go out and look up at the stars at night do not see them, they just see a few, but the cowboys see them and love them and with the old-timers they were guide and clock and almanac. Sometimes when you think things are all wrong, and that maybe you have been forgotten, get out somewhere with your cot and spend a night with the stars. After a while they will begin to come out in hundreds and thousands as though God were counting his angels, and when you fall asleep there will be quiet and rest in your heart, and no matter what the sorrow, you will be able to face it in the morning."


----- Frank Hastings dispenses some advice in the SMS Ranch Handbook, 1919

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Posted : 26th December 2019 6:54 pm