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A first-hand account of the hardships endured by the first Anglos in Austin's Colony

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This Texas Quote is a first-hand account of the hardships endured by the first Anglo settlers in Stephen F. Austin's new colony in what is San Felipe, Texas:


"Dear Friend: Since I last wrote, our sufferings have been very great, for want of provisions. On account of the dry weather, our crops were very poor an, and are now entirely spent; the game has left this section of country , and we are very much pressed for food. There have been a great many new settlers come on this fall, and those who have not been accustomed to hunting in the woods for support, are obliged to suffer. Were it not for a few of us boys who have no families, their wives and children would suffer much more than they do now; in fact I fear some of them would starve ....


Game is now so scarce [it was the winter of 1823-1824] that we often hunt all day for a deer or a turkey, and return at night empty handed. It would make your heart sick, to see the poor little half-naked children, who have eaten nothing during the day, watch for the return of the hunters at night. As soon as they catch the first glimpse of them, they eagerly run to meet them, and learn if they have been successful in their hunt. If the hunters return with a deer or a turkey, the children are almost wild with delight, while on the other hand, they suddenly stop in their course, their countenances fall, the deep bitter tears well up in their eyes and roll down their pale cheeks."


----- William B. Dewees, "Letters from an Early Settler of Texas," 1852. It is a fascinating read. You can verify this for yourself at this link:

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Posted : 24th December 2019 10:19 pm