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1887 desecription of East Texas folks

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1887 description of East Texas folks:


"The people who live in the pine woods of Eastern Texas are very primitive in their habits. This this was the first part of Texas that was settled by the early pioneers, their descendants form the principal part of the population ..... You often find grown men and women that have never seen a prairie country, mountain or valley, railroad or steamboat. They grow to manhood and womanhood in the heart of the thick pine woods, and are contented and happy in their log cabins.

Their diets would by no means please the stomach of an epicure. Cornbread, bacon and potatoes, with an occasional treat of venison, give them perfect satisfaction. Nearly all the children born and reared in the pine woods have light hair; it is rare to see a black-haired family."


----- John A. Caplan, "The Sunny South," November 5, 1887

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 25th December 2019 8:54 pm