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I’m a Texas native. Ever wondered why Oklahoma has this panhandle thingy above Texas? Others that know more, tell me if this is correct.


Just read that when Texas was admitted into the U.S. in 1845, it’s northern border went to Colorado. I guess between the Spanish and French former owners that was the boundary. 


But the Missouri compromise forbade and new slave territory north of a certain latitude (36.5 to be exact) so part of Texas got lopped off. I guess about 1890, somebody attached it to the Oklahoma territory.

Posted : 22nd August 2020 11:08 pm
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There is a book named "How the States Got There Shapes", by Mark Stein, that answers this question, in detail.

Unfortunately, I don't recall exactly what that detail was 😀 

As well as the details of all the states, and their odd "appendages".

There was a show on History on the book also, but the book should be faster and easier, to answer your question.

Posted : 24th August 2020 3:01 pm