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Austin place names book?  

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Anybody out there encountered a good book published, that provides history of Austin place names (streets, creeks, neighborhoods,etc).  These types of books were real popular back in 50's and 60's.


TIA for any recommendations!

Posted : 11th July 2019 2:54 pm
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I'm unaware of any such books BUT I can tell you that Michael Barnes has written three books about Austin history and there is going to be A LOT of information in them.  I have read the first two and they are outstanding. Michael knows more about Austin history than any person alive.  You can find all three of his books for sale at the Austin History Center. Here's a link to the first one.


There are so many wonderful facts and crazy stories about Austin's history in these.  Maybe he will get an account here because surely he can answer this question much better than I. 

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