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When Bastrop was Mina ---- and Why

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You may count yourself among a very small group of Texans if you know the Arcane Texas Fact of the Day: the town of Bastrop was founded on June 8, 1832, and named for the Baron de Bastrop, who had been helpful to Moses Austin, Stephen F. Austin's father, in Moses' attempt to obtain land rights for the first American colony in Texas.

A couple of years later, Mexican authorities imprisoned Austin in Mexico City. The white settlers in the Bastrop area, wanting to show their loyalty to Mexico in hopes of getting Austin released, renamed the town of Bastrop "Mina," in honor of Francisco Xavier Mina, a national hero and martyr to the cause of liberty in Mexico. And so it was that, on April 24, 1834, Bastrop officially changed its name to "Mina."

Austin was subsequently released and Texas won its independence. No longer having to show deference to Mexico, Texas renamed Mina back to Bastrop on December 18, 1837. And it's been Bastrop ever since.

So, if you knew that Bastrop was called "Mina" for about five and a half years, go to the 'fridge, get yourself a Shiner Bock, and smile inwardly to yourself regarding your superior Texanhood. But don't rub your friends' faces in it; wouldn't be nice.

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Posted : 13th January 2020 6:11 pm