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Victoria, Texas, at the Crossroads of HIstory  

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Victoria, Texas has often been called "The City of Roses" and it has also often been at the crossroads of history and NOT just a rest stop on the old San Antonio-Indianola road. Martin de Leon established the settlement in 1824 and named it for Guadalupe Victoria, one-time president of Mexico. De Leon colonized it with Irish, German, Italian and Hispanic residents. It had five mayors before the Republic of Texas was created in 1836. Santa Anna's army passed through after the Goliad Massacre. It was struck by a significant Comanche raid in 1839 and several citizens were killed. In 1846 it was struck by a significant cholera epidemic and many lives were lost.

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 7th January 2020 7:35 pm