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The Salt Deposit at Grand Saline

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The huge saline deposit at Grand Saline, Texas, was a major source of salt for Texas and the confederate states during the Civil War. Salt was the only known way of preserving meat in warm temperatures during those days and, because salt was such a key industry, mine workers were exempt from service in the confederate army. Many wells were sunk into the deposit and, believe it or not, more than 10,000 pounds of salt was mined daily. Meat was salted, smoked and canned for the long, hot journey to confederate front lines. Salt also preserved hides for making horse harnesses and saddles. Salt is still mined in Grand Saline. The underground salt dome there is 1.5 miles wide, three miles deep, and can feed the world's salt needs for 20,000 years. Cherokees and Caddos mined the salt deposits, and there is evidence that the deposit was used by Native Americans in prehistoric times.

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Posted : 13th January 2020 9:12 pm