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The Man who Named most of Texas' Major Rivers .... and Texas Itself  

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A Mexican-born Spanish officer named most of Texas' rivers ---- and named Texas itself. His own name was Alonso de León. He was born in Mexico in 1640 and, as governor of the Province of Coahuila, led several expeditions into what is now Texas. On one such expedition, he named the Nueces, the Hondo, the Medina, the Guadalupe, the Navidad (now called the San Marcos River), the Colorado, the Brazos, and the Trinity (La Santisima Trinidad) rivers. On his last expedition, in 1690, he marched into East Texas to found the first Spanish mission, San Francisco de los Tejas, among the Tejas (Hasinai) Indians in present-day Houston County. Thus this northeastern frontier of Spanish Mexico was provided with a name. Incidentally his descendants still reside in the Mexican state of Nuevo León.

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Posted : 11th January 2020 4:12 pm