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The Liberty Bell in El Paso

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In November, 1915, the Liberty Bell arrived in El Paso. It was on tour after being exhibited at a World's Fair. This is what the El Paso Times had to say about the event:

"El Paso saw the Liberty Bell yesterday afternoon. Twenty-five thousand people, including thousands of children, felt the thrill of patriotism as they passed in dense columns before the bell which proclaimed to the world the independence of the United States.

No other celebration in the Southwest ever called forth so many thousands of spectators — no other local event has been marked by such a unanimous display of patriotic reverence. Children and grown-ups, civilians and military, officials and private citizens alike turned out to welcome the venerable relic; and those who have traveled across the continent with the bell said during the reception that no other city on the route had surpassed El Paso in the enthusiasm of its greeting.

Although scheduled to arrive here at 2:30 p.m., it was not until 3:30 p.m. that the historic emblem of the revolution rolled slowly to the place of exhibition in front of the Stanton Street station of the Southern Pacific. Since noon the crowds had been gathering, and when the signal was given to let them pass before the bell there was a shuffling of thousands of feet along the railway right-of-way where the bell rested."

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