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The First Protestant Minister in El Paso

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On November 21, 1884, the Reverend Joseph Wiklin Tays, who was better known as "Parson Tays" and who was the first Protestant minister in El Paso, died there. Shortly before he passed away he had presided at the funeral of a smallpox victim and subsequently came down with the disease himself. He died after a week of suffering, tended to by only his son and his wife. That night., two men from the city showed up at the house, hurriedly wrapped Parson Tays in a sheet, and rushed the body to Concordia Cemetery, where it was hastily buried during a driving rainstorm. Parson Tays, who had ministered to so many sick and dying, was himself laid away with only two drenched, grave-digging strangers to say a kind, final word. Tough life back then.

Here's what his gravestone looks like:

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Posted : 9th January 2020 10:09 pm