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The Connection Between Actor Jesse Plemons and Stephen F. Austin  

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Actor Jesse Plemons, best known by Texans for his role as Landry Clarke in the wonderful "Friday Night Lights" TV series, is directly related to Stephen F. Austin. Landry's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Emily Austin, was Stephen F. Austin's sister. That makes Jesse Stephen F. Austin's great-great-great-great-great grandnephew. Jesse was born in Dallas in 1988 and spent a good deal of his childhood in Mart, Texas. To say that his career has taken off since Friday Night Lights would be an understatement: as I write these words, he's currently starring in "The Irishman" opposite Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino and is engaged to Kirsten Dunst. I read all of this just now and thought "our little Landry is all growed up!"

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 10th January 2020 10:34 pm