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The Baker Hotel and the Sad Story of T.B. Baker

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The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells was named for T.B. Baker, the man who built it. Considered by many to be “The Greatest Hotel Man of the South” prior to the stock market crash of 1929, Theodore B. Baker and his hotels were once a household name. By the late twenties, Baker had built a chain of prestigious hotels that stretched from San Antonio, Texas to Birmingham, Alabama, including the Menger, the Gunter, and St. Anthony hotels in San Antonio and the Stephen F. Austin hotel in Austin. During the Great Depression, Baker and many other prominent Texas hotel men like Conrad Hilton found themselves in dire financial straits. However, while Hilton was able to salvage part of his business and build it back up into the company that we know today, unfortunately T.B. Baker and his chain of luxury hotels were not so lucky. After losing everything he passed away in a small house in San Antonio at the age of 96 in 1972 ---- the same year that the Baker closed its doors in Mineral Wells for the very last time.

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Posted : 7th January 2020 7:28 pm