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Stevie Ray Vaughan's Guitar # 1

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Pretty much everybody knows about Stevie Ray Vaughan, but mny don't know the story of his favorite guitar, which he referred to variously as his "wife" or "number one." Stevie got this guitar ---- described as a “ragged American Stratocaster with 1959 pickups, a ’62 neck, and a ’63 body n finish, upside-down tremolo bar, cigarette-burnt headstock” in 1974. He got it from Ray Hennig's Heart of Texas music in Austin. But what is so unusual is that this guitar's previous owner was Christopher Cross, the Austin musician who had series of smash hits in 1980 and 1981, including "Ride Like the Wind," "Sailing" etc... Ray told me in his shop one time that Christopher Cross came in with the guitar and wanted to trade it for something that had a more powerful, more muscular sound. So Ray traded Christopher a Les Paul for it. According to Ray, Stevie Ray Vaughan came in the next day, saw the guitar that Christopher had traded in, played it, and decided he wanted it. Mr. Hennig hadn't even had a chance to clean it up or repair it in any way when --- boom! ---- it went right back out the door. So it went from Christopher Cross to Stevie Ray Vaughan without restringing and became one of the most famous guitars in history.

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Posted : 6th January 2020 8:24 pm