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Stephen F. Austin on the Character of his Colonists  

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Stephen F. Austin was a particular man when it came to whom he wanted to immigrate to Texas. On many occasions, and with many different correspondents, he referenced his standards regarding the character of his colonists. His letters are filled with clarity on his position. For example, in 1823 he wrote "No frontiersman who has no other occupation than that of hunter will be received ---- no drunkard, nor gambler, nor profane swearer, nor idler, nor any man against whom there is even probable grounds of suspicion that he is a bad man, or even has been considered a disorderly man will be received."

Knowing how specific Stephen F. Austin was about who came to Texas and thinking about my miscreant friends here now, it makes me wonder what happened!

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 9th January 2020 9:53 pm