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Regarding Comstock, Texas and the Pecos High Bridge

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Comstock, Texas, was established in 1892 and at first had a railroad sidecar serving as its post office. The town was named for a Southern Pacific railroad section foreman. The trans originally crossed the nearby Pecos River through a series of underground tunnels. Then, in 1890, the Southern Pacific began construction of a high bridge across the Pecos River gorge to shorten the route by eleven miles. Touted as the "eighth wonder of the world," workers spent 87 days building the bridge, which eventually opened for traffic in 1892. A marvel of engineering, the bridge stood 321 feet high, stretched 2,180 feet long ---- the world's longest at the time ---- and cost 1.2 million dollars.To pay for costs, the railroad charged and extra fifty cents just to cross the bridge. A highway bridge spans the Pecos today. it is 273 feet above the river and doesn't cost a cent to drive across.

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Posted : 6th January 2020 5:57 pm