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Italians in San Antonio

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Along with the city's other ethnic neighborhoods, San Antonio once had an active Italian neighborhood. Most of that area that was was once situated on the northwest side of downtown is now gone, removed by highway construction and urban renewal. Virtually all that remains is San Francisco de Paola Catholic Church, the Christopher Columbus Society Hall, and Columbus Park. At one time, these were focal points of Italian life in San Antonio. One of the earliest influential Italian immigrants was a man named Antonio Bruni, an Italian grocer and businessman in San Antonio who found success and convinced others to join him. Many of the first such immigrants were miners, farmers and unskilled laborers who came to work on the railroad and the mines in Victoria and Thurber Counties. After that work was finished, many of them moved on to the urban centers.  Famed cowboy boot maker Sam Luchesse, founder of Luchesse's Boots, was part of this movement.  

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Posted : 8th January 2020 9:13 pm