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Hueco Tanks near El Paso  

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35 miles east of downtown El Paso lies a square mile of huge, jumbled syenite rock known as "Hueco Tanks." As the rock dissolved unevenly through time, it formed depressions ("tanks") in the ground that are capable of holding large amounts of water. In the middle of the desert, this awesome waterhole has attracted both humans and animals for millennia. Among the rocks are caves, canyons, and overhanging cliffs. Prehistoric Indians camped there, and two of their cultures (Jornada and Mogollon) adorned the walls with art, as did early Europeans. Much of the art remains uninterpreted but in Comanche Cave, the largest cave in the complex, the art is believed to tell of a massacre of Indians by Spanish or Mexican cavalry.

Beauty is only skin deep but Texas is to the bone.

Posted : 9th January 2020 9:49 pm