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How the Devil's River Got Its Name

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The Devils River in south Texas rises in Crockett county and flows 100 miles south to the Rio Grande, before the Rio Grande itself empties into Amistad Reservoir. Back in 1590, Spanish explorer Gaspar Castano de Sosa supposedly called the Devils River "Laxas" because of its slack or feeble quality. For a long time after that, locals called it the San Pedro river. But the name it carries today originated more than two and a half centuries later with Captain John Coffee Hays of the Texas Rangers. After riding across desolate country for days, he encountered a deep, crooked crevice in the ground. He looked to its bottom and saw water. "What's the name of this place," he asked a local. "San Pedro," came the answer. "St. Peter?," Hays replied, "it looks more like the Devil's River to me." Hays’ opinion became codified when a San Antonio newspaper called the " Western Texian" printed Hays’ December report to Col. Peter H. Bell. In that report, Hays wrote:

“Owing to the difficulties we had in extricating ourselves from the deep revines and mountains which encompass it for many miles from its mouth, we named it Devil’s River.”

Cool history here in Texas.

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Posted : 9th January 2020 7:20 pm