Saving Texas One Megapixel At A Time
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What the heck is this site about?

So much remains and yet so little.

The Texas that I grew up in is vanishing. Between 1983 and 2005, 3.3 million acres of Texas, an area four times the size of Big Bend National Park, were paved over and urbanized. All of that native habitat and all of those old ranch houses and all of that wildlife, lost. It’s that fading Texas that I find myself drawn to. This is dedicated to the overlooked, to the ruined, to the fallen, to the forgotten, to dreamers, to faded dreams, to the what once was but will never again be. 

This website seeks —- a megapixel at a time, a blog entry at a time —– to preserve moments in the life of a Texas that is being bulldozed and Burger Kinged and scattered to the four winds. It aims to preserve the Texas of myth and dust and pure, sweet memory.

I appreciate all feedback regarding the website,  so please email me at

And if you know of something that I should photograph or somebody I should photograph or if you have a special piece of land or a family or corporate event you’d like recorded, I’d appreciate your consideration, too.

May peace walk beside you, may a little of the spirit of Texas touch your heart, and may your hometown football team beat the snot out of its rivals this year. After all, everybody knows you would have won last year if only …