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Me in the Movie Version

I roam around Texas and think about how I’d describe my work in the movie version.  Like this ….
My work is a swirling soul pantomime, a slow two-step danced in a country-western cathedral under a lone star sky. The power of this place at this time lies in the concatenations; our own ghostly fathers live among this selfsame dust. I picture myself flowing outward, releasing steadily, and leaving a trail of photographs, poems, and prose that says “this is who we are and this is how we lived and this is what we loved.”
I hope you tag along, dropping by from time to time to see where I am on my journey. And if you see me out there somewhere, stop and say “howdy!”

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  1. I am loving this website blog page, I’ll tag along, if in your ever down Wharton County way …southwest of Houston ,Teas…be blessed on your pictorial journey, where ever that may be…

  2. I already did comment.. Gotta go do might time chores…later Dude!

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